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Mogami Platinum Cable

Platinum Guitar and Instrument Cable

Mogami Platinum Guitar Cable is the most neutral and dynamic instrument cable available for guitar, bass, keyboard, and effects.

Made of the absolute highest quality instrument cable on the planet, Mogami Platinum provides beyond-belief transparency that you'll notice on your next performance or recording session.

From funk to hip-hop to heavy metal to smooth jazz, Mogami Platinum is the ultra-premium cable to maintain the dynamics and tonal signature of your original instrument and effects.

Use Mogami Platinum Cable with Acoustic, Electric, Bass, and Keyboard applications.

Product Options

• Platinum "silentPLUG" Series

Silently hot-swap your instruments using a Platinum silentPLUG cable:  no loud "POP!" when you unplug from your guitar with a live amplifier still on the line.  Straight Neutrik connectors at both ends.

• Platinum "R" Series

G&H Copper Core Plug connectors:  one right angle and one straight.

• Platinum "RR" Series

Right angle G&H Copper Core Plug connectors at both ends.

• Platinum "S" Series

Straight G&H Copper Core Plug connectors at both ends.

Mogami Platinum Guitar Connector Options.

Product Features

  • Mogami 3302 Platinum Plus Ultra Dynamic Instrument Cable

  • Gold-plated corrosion-resistant 1/4" TS connectors

  • Neglex OFC (oxygen-free copper) core for the highest level of transparency

  • Extremely low capacitance for extended high end

  • Carbon-impregnated PVC eliminates vibration-induced noise

  • Mogami Platinum Cable:  See What's Inside
    Platinum Cable


    About The Cable

    Instrument cable needs to be quiet when handled, tough enough to withstand use, and still preserve the character of the performance of quality instruments.  Designing and building instrument cable is a delicate balance between these characteristics.

    What could be accomplished if sound quality was placed above all else but not at the expense of others?  Mogami answered this challenge with Platinum, the most neutral, dynamic cable made.

    Like all Mogami cable, the Platinum sound emerges from a silent background but with more dynamics, frequency extension, and detail than anything before it.  A larger diameter cable, Mogami Platinum is flexible enough for the most active performers yet rugged enough for road use with reasonable handling.  It's why so many of today's top touring bands trust Mogami Platinum Cable.

    Mogami PLATINUM GUITAR Cable


    Lifetime Warranty

    All Mogami cable assemblies are made with the finest cable, connectors, and assembly practices in the industry.  With pride in relentless devotion to quality, Mogami cable assemblies are warranted by Mogami's Lifetime "No Excuses" Warranty to the original purchaser when purchased from an Authorized Reseller.

    In the rare event of trouble with your Mogami cable, please visit Mogami Warranty Information and submit your warranty request in the form provided.  You may also request Mogami warranty service directly by phone at (800) 800-6608 ext. 1 (Customer Service).

    Should you have any questions or if you would like further assistance, please contact Tommer Pro Audio.  We appreciate the opportunity to hear from you.


    Mogami Platinum Cable

    Supported by Mogami's Lifetime "No Excuses" Warranty and Tommer Pro Audio, your Authorized Reseller.

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